Lucie will work with you at your level, whether beginner or advanced, to develop and enhance your songwriting skills. She has numerous techniques she can teach you to draw out lyrics and songs that you never knew were within you. Lucie herself has written in the region of 600 songs, many which have been licensed to hundreds of compilations worldwide, and has taught songwriting to adults and children alike with astonishing results such as; people writing and performing a song within a 2 hour session, that have never before written a song in their life.
  • Song structure
  • What makes a great song
  • How to write hooks, top lines and melodies
  • Finding the song within
  • How to draw on your own experiences to write a song
  • Finding ways to become inspired

Lucie delivers vocal sessions which will help you find the singer within and/or develop the skills you already have.  She will teach you how to use your energy to tap into the place of you that is excited about singing and ways in which to use that energy to enhance your performance. Lucie focuses in on the inner dialogue we have with ourselves, and believes that approximately 85% of how we perform is dependent on what is going on within the mind. Lucie invites her students to 'feel' the music or song rather than to 'think' it. She will teach you to connect with the feeling, rather than overcomplicating techniques.  As with all her sessions, Lucie works holistically, believing that if you feel good within you will perform well without.
  • Finding the singer within
  • Breathing techniques
  • Singing exercises
  • Vocal expression, diction and dynamics
  • Tapping into your energy to discover the true performer